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Widefly WF35 Wireless PDA Solution for Hospitality Industry

Within the hospitality industry, system reliability and deployment cost are always a major consideration when deploying a handheld solution. The WF35, a wireless POS PDA specially made for hospitality applications, provides outstanding Wi-Fi wireless communication reliability. At the same time, the WF35 can be deployed and managed in a very cost effective manner.

Reliable wireless communication

By enhancing the driver/firmware of the Wi-Fi module, the WF35 is able to deliver a reliable wireless communication environment through its Single/locked SSID, seamless roaming across APs (Access Point) and automatic signal drop reconnection. With these technologies, POS applications with handheld solutions can be implemented reliably within small or large scale restaurant and hotel operations.

Power saving technology

The requirements for hospitality PDA operations are different from consumer PDA’s. When thin client, e.g. TSC/RDP (Remote Desktop), are being used, consumer PDA’s can run out of batteries in a short time. The WF35 implements a special Sleep Mode as well as an Always-on feature that enables it to consume a mere 2% of normal power consumption. In this mode, the WF35 stays connected with the host application yet operates for double the battery run time as compared to standard consumer PDA’s. To further satisfy the demands of long hour operation, options such as 1400/2800mAh batteries and 6-bay Battery Charger are available.

Easy to manage and deploy

To deploy multiple PDAs to a consumer site is never an easy task, so the WF35 provides two

modes of operation: Administration and User Modes. System settings and parameters are stored
under the Administration Mode and users cannot modify settings without proper authority. In
User Mode, only designated applications can be viewed and executed. Functions such as file
copy, music, video and games are all removed. The in-built “Ghost1” feature (system backup)
enables easy mass deployment of the WF35, while all system settings can be unified and stored
for each customer site. With the availability of spare parts, services providers can also perform
hardware maintenance locally.

Unique features for the hospitality industry

The WF35 is drop tested and comes with an extensive list of industry specific features and optional attachments including Bluetooth, Vibration Alerts, Signal Lighting, a Hand Strap, and optional Magstripe Card Reader (MSR) with encryption as well as an optional Protective Leather Case. All of these unique features allow the System Integrator to deliver a complete handheld solution for their customers.

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